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Details Robert-Helps-Orchestral-Works

Classica contemporanea Orchestrale - HELPS Robert: Orchestral works; Sinfonia n.1 (1955); Sinfonia n.2 (2000); Gossamer noons (1974); Quintetto (1975) flauto violino clarin. cello e pf

45,08 EUR*
Details RavelOrchestral-Works

Charles Dutoit - Ravel: Orchestral Works (2CDS) [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCD-5541

22,28 EUR*
Details BorodinOrchestral-Works

Neeme Jarvi / Goteborgs Symphony Orchestra - Borodin: Orchestral Works [Japan CD] UCCG-5326

8,95 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Excerpts-Vol2

NAX 8572768; NAXOS - Germania; Classica Orchestrale

19,99 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Works-2

MOD 176; MODE - Stati Uniti; Classica contemporanea Orchestrale

10,39 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Sets-1-3

Orchestral sets n°1 à 3 / Chœur de chambre - Malmö Symphony Orchestra - James Sinclair, direction

13,98 EUR*
Details MyaskovskyOrchestral-Works

ALTO 1041; ALTO - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

30,50 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Music-Concertos

ANDA 1180; ANDANTE - Stati Uniti; Classica Orchestrale

83,01 EUR*
Details Complete-Symphonies-Orchestral-Works

EXT 00018 EXCL; EXTON - Giappone; Classica Orchestrale

24,25 EUR*

CC 72326; CHALLENGE CLASSICS - Olanda; Classica Orchestrale

29,77 EUR*
Details German-Orchestral-Works

Daniel Barenboim - German Orchestral Works [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCG-6199

10,99 EUR*
Details Die-Sinfonien-Orchestral-Sets

DEC 4667452; DECCA - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

28,35 EUR*
Details English-Orchestral-Works

Daniel Barenboim - English Orchestral Works [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCG-6196

36,41 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Album

Orchestral arrange album of the video game series XENOGEARS. Includes 14 tracks. Music by Yasunori Mitsuda.

26,20 EUR*
Details Essential-Orchestral-Favourites

OND 1265; ONDINE - Finlandia; Classica Orchestrale

25,36 EUR*
Details Favorite-Orchestral-Works

Neeme Jarvi / Goteborgs Symphony Orchestra - Favorite Orchestral Works [Japan CD] UCCG-5345

19,97 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Tales-Children

Classica contemporanea Orchestrale - JOHANSON Sven Eric: Nalle Puh (Symfonisk saga); Apprendista stregone (1897)

8,52 EUR*
Details Richard-Wagner-Orchestral-Highlights

ACHTUNG: Hier:Wagner: Orchestral Highlights ; Naxos ; 1991 GebrauchtGut ,

7,99 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Music-Cantatas

BRIL 95273; BRILLIANT CLASSICS - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

14,98 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Stories

CD: David Benoit,Orchestral Stories

9,42 EUR*
Details Koppel-Orchestral-Works-Vol2

DACA 8224205; DACAPO - Danimarca; Classica contemporanea Orchestrale

21,91 EUR*
Details WagnerOvertures-Orchestral

Mariss Jansons - Wagner:Overtures & Orchestral Works [Japan CD] WPCS-23024

16,41 EUR*
Details George-Walker-Great-American-Orchestral-Works

TROY 1061; TROY - Stati Uniti; Classica contemporanea Orchestrale

34,62 EUR*
Details WagnerPreludeOrchestral-Work

Rafael Kubelik - Wagner: Orchestral Music : Kubelik [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCG-90364

22,20 EUR*
Details Russian-Orchestral-Works

Eugene Ormandy - Russian Orchestral Works [Japan CD] SICC-1747

4,99 EUR*
Details Overtures-Orchestral

EMI 6023002; EMI ITALIANA - Italia; Classica Orchestrale

28,18 EUR*
Details WagnerGreat-Orchestral-Works

George Szell / The Cleveland Orchestra - Wagner: Great Orchestral Works (2CDS) [Japan CD] SICC-1651

12,12 EUR*
Details French-Orchestral-Music

REG 1328; REGIS - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

10,74 EUR*
Details Poulenc-Orchestral-Works

Charles Dutoit - Poulenc Orchestral Works (2CDS) [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCD-5549

17,09 EUR*
Details Nino-Rota-Orchestral-Works-2

DEC 4810394; DECCA - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

17,98 EUR*
Details Complete-Orchestral-Works

CPO 999897; CPO - CLASSIC PROD.OSNABRUCK - Germania; Classica Orchestrale

31,63 EUR*
Details German-Romantic-Orchestral-Recordings-51-60

WEA 2564633623; WEA ITALIANA - Italia; Classica Orchestrale

10,99 EUR*
Details Complete-Orchestral-Music-Vol4

BRIL 94395; BRILLIANT CLASSICS - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

13,16 EUR*
Details Tschaikowsky-Orchestral-Works

ALTO 1033; ALTO - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

19,88 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Suites-for-a-Young-Prince

AVI 2171; AVIE RECORDS - Inghilterra; Classica Orchestrale

23,38 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Music-Shm-CD

Bruno Walter / Erich Kleiber, Et Al. - Berlin Philharmonic : Orchestral Music [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCG-90306

93,99 EUR*
Details The-Art-of-Giuseppe-Sinopoli-Orchestral-Works

DGG 4806068; DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON - Germania; Classica Orchestrale

21,77 EUR*
Details Orchestral-Songs-Vol-2

Mélodies orchestrales et Drei Hymnen, op. 71 de Richard Strauss / Felicity Lott, soprano, Orchestre national d'Ecosse, dir. Neeme Järvi

12,98 EUR*
Details Ian-Anderson-Plays-the-Orchestral-Jethro-Tull

DOUBLE CD: Ian Anderson,Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull

26,60 EUR*
Details Novellos-Catalogue-Of-Orchestral-Music-A-Manual-Of-The-Orchestral-Literature-Of-All-Countries

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and ...

6,84 EUR*
Details Dunlop-Polish-Cleaner-Orchestral

Dunlop 6592 Formula 65 - Orchestral Polish u. CleanerFeatures: - idealer Reiniger für alle modernen Violinen-, Celli- und Kontrabass-Finishes - nicht geeignet für french-polished oder schellac Finishes - einfach aufsprühen und sofort nachpolieren ...

97,74 EUR*
Details Suzuki-HMC-4-Orchestral-Chord-Harmonica-Microphone-fr-SCH-24

Suzuki HMC-4 Orchestral Harp Mikrofon These specially designed microphones for the Orchestral Chord feature full width pickup for even amplification and are angle adjustable. Powered by Lithium batteries, they have 50 to 70 continuous hours of playing ...

22,98 EUR*
Details The-Ring-An-Orchestral-Adventure-arr-by-Henk-de-Vlieger

L'Anneau, une aventure orchestrale (Arrangement du "Ring" par Henk de Vlieger) - Siegfried Idyll / Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Neeme Järvi, direction